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TSAPI 2017

This year our conference will be held in Beaumont, Texas on June 11th – 15th. This is our 70th year of the organization and we are offering a great and unbeatable opportunity this year.

We will be offering inspectors two different tracks of education to choose from. The first tract will consist of many small sessions for a variety of topics from fire stopping to grease interceptors. The second track will offer the WSPS class requied to be able to take the State Board of Plumbing Examiners Inspectors WSPS endorsement for their Plumbing Inspectors License.



The Classes will start Sunday June 11th 2017 promptly at 8:00 AM. The WSPS will cost $250.00 in addition to the conference and continue education fees but will include the cost of the State test. This cost of the class is the cheapest you will find anywhere in the state but the education will not be compromised. This class is limited to the first 45 participants to sign up so click here to purchase now.

    The Texas State Association of Plumbing Inspectors Was founded in 1948 as an organization dedicated to the advancement of the plumbing inspector, property owner, builder, craftsman and the municipality; to lend every possible aid to the improvement and protection of sanitary environment in the community; and to impress upon the public the vital necessity of proper sanitation. To urge upon our members the importance of scientific research and the dissemination of the knowledge thus obtained so that all Plumbing Inspectors shall be qualified to advise and recommend in mattes pertaining to water purification, sewage disposal. To encourage the use of proper materials and methods for the instillation of sanitary plumbing; further, to recognize the responsibility of protecting life and health in this state. To actively participate with legislation for better laws and conditions pertaining to sanitation for the entire population of the State of Texas.