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TSAPI is built and managed by Gelbie Productions  

We were hired to build the TSAPI, Inc website to offer many more features than just a standard site could offer. The end user is welcomed via our state-of-the-art front-end platform and user friendly navigation. What you do not see.. The back-end platform consists of dynamic server scripting and PHP back-end interface on our popular MySQL database with complete server driven tables and security. In other words, a TON of scripting and programming are put forth in this site. We have up to date feeds, scripting languages and user interfaces for our clients browsers, employees and managers. From the gallery showcase to the manager interface, we have our client covered.

About Gelbie Productions

Gelbie Productions is a mainstream internet marketing designer and dynamic web site builder. We offer multi-level web design for all types of clients around the web. From complete turn-key sites to fully developed server driven dynamic sites. Individuals, companies and small businesses are our main client profiles. We assist in the managing and building of company profiles as well as their sites and social media.

L&S Management Team

L&S Management Team was founded in 2002 as a low level web design firm that used a plethora of affiliate marketing and advertising networks to bring clients revenue generating sites on autopilot. L&S is hands down one of the most qualified companies in web design for that type of development. Gelbie Productions and L&S Management merged to bring you the best possible solution for your web designing needs. This transition took place in January 2009 and has since turned into a few talented individuals who combine resourcefulness and brainpower by thinking leaders in.

The Gelbie Promise

βy not only making a great partnership, we dedicate our time to clients at a 24hr time basis. We have someone on-call 24/7/365 to help in anything needed. We guarantee your satisfaction and devote 100% of our knowledge in your project 100% of the time. - G.L.B., Designer - Gelbie Productions